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The Invasive Mind Control Approach

The Invasive Mind Control Approach

Mind control is an invasive approach. It sets out to isolate the victim. The reason is to make them dependent on the one inflicting the mind control who we will call the “agent”. The agent’s target is called the victim who the agent sets out to brainwash. In order to be successful at taking control of a victim the agent must have complete control over the targeted victim. Things like sleep, daily patterns and even in severe cases going to the bathroom are all controlled by the agent to affect a particular change that is to be implemented in the victim. These things are controlled to give the agent total domination over the victim.

It is the agents determination to break the will of the victim. This is done systematically through taking and breaking the victims sense of self and identity. Once the agent accomplishes this they then replace all the previous thoughts and behaviors of the victim with what the agent wishes. The agent’s wishes encompasses replaced thoughts, behaviors and attitudes that fit the agent’s goal.

Most psychologists believe that in spite of the agent’s eradication of the person’s identity; who they really are is still hidden in the person’s subconscious mind. They believe that mind control is really a short term effect because once the new identity is not enforced the person goes back to being themselves. The old ideas and behaviors of the victim will slowly start to return once they are no longer under the influence of the agent. This is because mind control is done by manipulating the subconscious mind. By implanting thoughts in the persons subconscious while suppressing others subconsciously the change during the mind control process occurs.

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Brain Injury = Mind Control to Our Brains

So now if the brain is injured or affected in some way what occurs then to our perceptions? What happens is; if the right side of the brain is bombarded until there is damage or injured, there is a failure to put things together as a result. One cannot process important information. As a result the person goes into denial and says there is nothing wrong with me. The brain may not realize that it is injured in some sort of way and that it is not collecting all the information it needs. An example would be someone who loses sight in one eye partially causing blindness. They still have sight in the other eye and partially in the damaged one but does not realize it and thinks they see perfectly well.

If the left side of your brain is overworked or injured then you may be aware that something is wrong but can’t put your finger on it. That is because the left side deals with language and analysis. You will however be aware that the right part of the brain is doing its job. For instance you can see that a chair is a chair, but may not be able to solve complex problems or do a complex activity if there is left side interference or injury. People with injuries on this side of the brain tend to experience depression, have organization skill problems and have problems with language.

When there is an injury or bombardment as in a mind control to our brains; the brain faces impairment in the memory department. There are different types of memory. For example “music”. We all listen to music and one song may stir a distinct association in the brain. The brain processes the music and puts that information in the appropriate part of the brain. We also have memories for taste and smell. For instance we know what a particular food tastes like and what a particular smell is. We also have physical memory. We can recall what something feels like. Each type of memory occurs in a particular part of the brain. Two more very important types of memory we have is vision and hearing. These are crucial parts of memory especially in terms of words or language. Visual memory enables us to know the things we see. It helps to identify something, someone or some place. We also have memory for language. This includes things we have heard or have read and things we read are translate into language. Verbal information is stored in the left hemisphere while visual information is stored on the right. Again the idea of both brain hemispheres functioning together in a parallel way is illustrated.

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Who is Susceptible to Mind Control?