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The Mind Control Victim

The Mind Control Victim

Many times in order to gain control of a person’s mind things like name calling is utilized because the person focuses on the name as opposed to the agenda being inflicted on them. For example; if someone who is losing weight and feels good about themselves was a target the agent may be manipulate them by telling them they are fat. The agent would constantly tell them they are too fat and need procedures like liposuction. In actuality the target who is now becoming a victim starts to have self doubt which is an opening for the agent to get in to the victims mind. The agent now has found the victims weak point which is their weight. By lowering the targets resistance through their self esteem they can start implementing their agenda instead on the victim.

Demoralization is one of the primary tools an agent uses. So a person with low esteem is an easier target than those who feel very good about who they are. When you are totally confident about who and what you are both physically and emotionally this type of demoralization cannot effect your sense of self. The demoralization usually involves those subjects the agent feels hit a nerve in the victim. As a result when the nerve is hit it, it makes the victim feel bad or inadequate about themselves. Now the agent has created an opening to get into the persons subconscious with. If we use the computer analogy again the hacker now has a crack in the program so he can get into it.

There are two other purposes of using degrading and derogatorynames. One is to make the victim feel inadequate. The other is so that they can isolate themselves. That is because the next the step in mind control is to alienate the victim from his environment including family and friends. If the victim does not feel good about themselves they will isolate themselves and stay away from people. The other purpose is that if a person tells others he is being victimized and no one see’s this happening others will also stay away from the person. The agent themselves may go around to people that the victim knows and spread lies that appear credible so others will think the victim is mentally unstable. They will think something is mentally wrong with him or her because they cannot prove someone is doing this to them. So as a result the person is also discredited in his environment. This further isolates the person. For example a person who is being victimized might tell others, so the agent will say don’t listen to that mental patient, they are mentally off, of make up a story about the person so they have no allies. This is part of the process, so the person who is a victim has no one to turn to.

The next part of the equation is to play on emotional manipulation. The agent will try to evoke, fear, paranoia, and irrational emotions from the victim to control him or her at their will. An example of this is the agent and his group will follow a person physically as in stalking in an aggressive way. They will also do certain things such as gestures while in aggressive mode. For instance while out in public they may all scratch their head making the victim feel he is being pointed out. They do it in such a way that only the victim may pick up this behavior from the agents because its directed only at victim. This can may the person afraid to frequent certain locations or afraid to go out. So the part of mind control that needs the isolation factor is now coming into play. It also makes the person look mentally unbalanced because no one sees the stalking out right. So in the end the emotional manipulation serves two purposes.

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What To Do If You Feel You Are a Victim of Mind Control

What To Do If You Feel You Are a Victim of Mind Control

If you feel you are a victim of mind control you need to evaluate for a perpetrator or agent first. There are three basic criteria to determine if the person is a perpetrator of mind control. They are:

1. The person/agent uses guilt

2. The person/agent will tell you to back off if you are getting to close to the truth (also used to shock the victim)

3. There are a lot of triggers that you see are being used in an effort to control your actions

All three things above entail a form of emotional manipulation and triggers for a desired response if the agent succeeds.

If the agent finds that the victim is responding to the techniques then they will reinforce them through repetition.

A person in order to be successfully dominated by mind control has to be open to giving into emotional manipulation. In order to set the mind control in full motion a campaign of fear is developed to put the victim in a frightened state of mind. This part of the mind control equation is called a “fear appeal”. The four elements used in what is called a “fear appeal” are:

1. The Threat - Threats can take many forms but have this element attached; “ If you don’t (whatever the agent wants done) comply then I will” (the actual atrocity to invoke fear)

2. A specific junction as to how the victim is to behave – Example “You are going to” (and then what the behavior the agent wants is dictated to the victim)

3. That the threat is real that the agent is using against the victim

4. The agent reinforces the ideas by saying “you are capable of”(whatever it is they want done) and then say “if you do this” (whatever this is) “you will have to power to have others do it under you” The agent will also stress that if what the agent wants isn’t carried out some terrible fate will occur to the victim (usually based on the original threat)

Threats usually involve harming the victim or someone close to the victim. For example a mother who is fearful that the agent will hurt her child will be more likely to comply to protect her child. These kind of tactic works on a needy or desperate emotional based person. The person may feel guilty of what will happen to a loved one if they don’t comply. (the susceptibility threat).

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