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Are You Susceptible to Mind Control?

Are You Susceptible to Mind Control?

Those people who are susceptible to mind control are usually, socially isolated, have emotional issues, are sleep deprived and over worked in their lives. This opens them up to the power of suggestion for the agent to move in on their target. Subliminal messages and covert hypnosis work the same way actually. Both are tools to communicate with someone’s subconscious.

In this way the target is not consciously aware of the suggestions that are being put upon them. Covert hypnosis can occur during normal conversation. Subliminal messages are found in things that are electronically based like computers, television, telephone messages, audio devices and things of that nature. Sound waves and high frequencies only heard on the subconscious level in the human ear can also be employed. The last one is used during sleep periods to control people in dream states which has been proven occurs.

As far as covert hypnosis some say it works and some say it doesn’t. I have witnessed a cult that tried to lure people in by crossing one eye when they made eye contact with them in attempts to hypnotize a particular target. The main point of covert hypnosis is that the target who is not aware of the agents purpose does not know they are indeed being worked on to be put in a hypnotic state.

The first thing that this type of mind control agent will do is try tobuild a rapport with their victim. This generally occurs in a casual conversation between the agent and the victim. The conversation can occur anywhere. You can be at your local store when the agent approaches you. Rapport is an attempt to create a state of connectedness between the victim and the agent. It creates the feeling of synchronicity between the two parties. The agent who is aware of this tunes into the victims limbic system. It is our limbic systems that enable one person to feel another stemming from our brains. The act of rapport will unconsciously mirror the victim to the agent.

The agent will in response match the body language and speech of the victim all while keeping eye contact with them. Expert agents can also sync themselves with the breathing and body rhythms of their victims. These all suck the victim into the agents energy and establishes trust through rapport.

If the agent is successful with the rapport between him and the victim then the conscious thoughts he wishes to transfer to the victim will ensue through conversation. The agent will use buzz language such as “If you don’t” or “ you will miss out” as just examples of speech to make the victim feel the agent has something to offer them. The agent also uses body language to reinforce the message they are drilling into their targeted victim.

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