NeuroPhone: Brain to Mobile Telephone Interface

NeuroPhone: Brain to Mobile Telephone Interface

Demo video of the NeuroPhone system. For far more information, like a technical paper, please check out the following websites: http

Technoethics researcher Nick Begich, Jr. presents a Neurophone-like device. Probands amazed by the direct-to-brain sound impact. Then he talks about realtime auditive perception induction technologies, possible remote influencing applications, also non-audible and on a wider scale, and a related abuse prevention resolution of the European Parliament. Finally an outlook on augmented direct perception and unconventional learning by experience set download. Edit from 3 of his lectures/ appearances in the postmillennial decade. An older clip from Undercurrents, a Canadian Broadcasting Corporation Tv series with documentaries on technologies, brings up some unclassified analysis results of neuroscientist Michael A. Persinger and subliminal programmer Igor V. Smirnov. Thesynthetelepa channel autoplaying playlist walks by means of underdocumented phenomena and effects of non-standard info transfer to and from the mind, touching conceptual frameworks, study, technologies, tactics and applications.


  1. jamesalverson3 |

    the music rocks its a weird assss version of Led Zeppelin ALL of my love

  2. undeadpresident |

    damn this guy sounds like such a fag. interesting technology though. They are eventually going to just link people’s minds into the internet directly with shit like this. Borg!

  3. Operationjugular |

    YouTubers should have a look at “The Freeman Perspective-H.A.A.R.P.” before they comment how great this NeuroPhone is…Information on this phone is a little over half way through this new uploaded video by { TruthTube1111} ..

  4. Where can I get a copy of that “If Zepplin were Pussys” album?

  5. Led Zeppelin? All of My Love? Lolz

  6. resistislam2011 |

    connect it to a smart bomb and then when it sees osama bin laden it can blow his ass up

  7. markandkrista777 |

    Agreed. The Neurophone is Dr Patrick Flanagan’s device and this name shouldn’t be used for anything else!

  8. Dude has some contacts in high places

  9. We are all fucked.

  10. looks even cooler than a bluetooth headpiece

  11. I believe you are infringing on a patient here.

  12. its kewl that you know various presidents and bill gates and have them on your contact list? wtf?

  13. Very smart. The music and presentation doesn’t do any favors though. You need some staging help to make it as exciting as the actual technology.

  14. once the tech is refined like normal standards of tech today… all the haters will be saying “oh that is the best idea ever…. oh i really couldn’t live without it” …. blah blah blah…. remember how many computer processors came out in the period between 1990 and 2000 compared to 2000 to 2010? think about it… once a technology is refined enough for the masses we all tend to embrace at quite an alarming rate.

  15. RavenPrecept |

    The Nerophone name is the name for an invention by Dr Patrick Flannigan. It’s a way to hear sounds using a couple of electrodes on the skin rather than ear phones. It’s not a brain powered mouse.

  16. So cool

  17. The LG Dare’s touch screen is about that bad. It’s mainly an issue with its resistive touchscreen being rather hard to press (vs. the capacitive touchscreen on other devices — ie. the iPhone). It also seems to have some issues with tracking, especially near the edges of objects.

  18. Who fumbles through their phone like this? Nice head gear. Does it attach to my braces too?

  19. I like this

  20. I like this

  21. He considers them the most invasive, but he didn’t say they are trying to stop it. They are trying to push it through.

  22. Unanswered question: “Can you do this remotely?” The answer, were anybody willing to supply it, would be “Yes, and a whole lot more, for a very long time?”

  23. Everyone should educate themselves with mind control technology and how it’s being used against us all in an evasive matter.

  24. Psychology at one level is a carnival side show where false claims are made to fleece the uncritical but If these people ever combine full police powers and religious authority in a single jurisdiction whst they do with the rest of us will make the Spanish Inquisition look like a square dance

  25. synthetelepa |

    Your policeman or politician on nonlethal weapons: tear gas. But already in the public unclassified literature military & co are more open, a few quotes: voice to skull, synthetic telepathy, brainwave entrainment, computer psychotechnology, virtual neurocomputer, remote viewing, remote influencing, psychophysical arms systems, transcendent warfare, anti-esp training, controlled offensive behavior, neural rma, thought control weapons, perceptual alignment, virtual deception, synthetic reality.

  26. i find its ridiculous that it was “banned” Something like this , the military wouldn’t just neglect. despite the ban

  27. Fascinating! It is only a matter of time till we take control of the evolutionary process.

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