Mind Control is All In The Eyes

Mind Control is All In The Eyes

The eyes have been called the “mirror to the soul”. This is why agents use eye language to initially control their victims. The human eye has the habit of positioning itself in its orbital according to the idea and language you are expressing. This is how people can understand what you are conveying by looking at your eyes. From reading someone’s eyes you can tell if they are lying, interested in what you are saying and the type of thought the person is having. This is also where the term poker face comes in. Because if the eyes and rest of the face are devoid of emotion you cannot read it. Many times people will wear dark glasses so you cannot see what they really are feeling emotionally or to keep people out of their personal space. Here are some basic eye patterns to let you know what a plausible agent is up to:

1. Straight Eye Contact- Consistent eye contact with a victim lets you know there is interest in the conversation. If the eye contract is prolonged it can mean two things. The person does not trust you or they are trying to intimidate you. Brief eye contact lets the agent know that that is not a good intended victim because they are not interested in the conversation, they are preoccupied or even anxious. If there is no eye contact the person has NO interest what so ever.

2. Eyes Up- This is when the eyes are looking straight up. Eyes that roll upward indicate contempt, sarcasm, boredom or annoyance. If the intended victim rolls their eyes at the agent they know they picked the wrong target. It is not a good sign. In some cases a person who looks upward with their eyes are referring to god but in most cases it means condescension.

3. Eyes Up to the Right- Eyes pointing to the upper right orsomeone you see looking in that direction (actually up left from a 1st person point of view) is actually visualizing a remembered image. If you were to ask someone what someone looked like; their eyes would normally face right upward to give the description.

4. Eyes Upward Left- when you see a person’s eyes move rapidly upward left(1st persons right) they are constructing images in their head. They are using their imaginations to put an image together in their minds. If you ask a person to imagine a red flower in a green vase they will normally look left.

5. Eyes Right- When people shift their eyes to the right (1st person left) they are recalling sounds from memory. If you were to ask someone to recall a song or melody or even a sound their eyes would shift to the right

6. Eyes Left- People construct sound when they look left (1st person right) When people hear a new voice or song for the first time they look left. If you ask someone to imagine what a sound of a songbird singing a song in your house would sound like their eyes would shift left.

7. Eyes down to the right- This person is having an internal dialog with themselves. If they appear happy then they are discussing what’s making them happy to themselves. They may also be reciting a conversation to come or thinking about what they are going to say. If you were to ask someone how a conversation went they will look downright first before answering

8. Eyes down to the left- When a person looks left down they are thinking about how something makes them feel. If they are look visibly happy then they are thinking about the happiness they

feel as the feeling happens. If you were to ask a person about a happy event they would look left down before they describe it to you.

9. Eyes straight down- Means a person is either uncomfortable or submissive. People will look down when they are shy or don’t wish to converse. Movement of the eyes straight down is also an indication of shame and embarrassment.

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