Michael Jackson MK-ULTRA mind control Element 1

Michael Jackson MK-ULTRA mind control Element 1

Michael Jackson MK-ULTRA mind manage Portion 1 dave chappelle eddie griffin prince Not A devil worshipper exposes illuminati puppet song lyrics MJ vs illuminati analysis we are the planet one more portion of me blame it on the boogie Thriller Beat It billie jean wanna be satrtin’ somethin’ agenda why killed MJ hazardous bad history invincible symbolism genius heal the world music satanic hidden message soul devil Was Michael Jackson a Satan Worshiper? Was He a Corybantes? Did He Sell His Soul To The Devil? What was his connection to Crowley briny spears anna nicole kid molester

www.CoryBantes.com An original documentary about the pain and troubles of Michael Jackson, along with his alleged Devil Worship. Mind Control! Pay a visit to the website and comment! http
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  1. should’ve slowed down the text. it’s moving too fast for me to read. i have to pause every time new text comes up. should’ve double the time of the video to 10min to allow people to read.

  2. If any of this is true, the only explanation is that Michael was not an “awakened” MKULTRA victim but was a tool his entire life. His blue-eyed blond kids can be explained if you know know who Joseph Mengele is and read this: telegraph.co.uk/news/worldnews/southamerica/brazil/4307262/Nazi-angel-of-death-Josef-Mengele-created-twin-town-in-Brazil.html. Then there’s his professed love of Disney (whose movies he watched in bed with kids) and The Wizard of Oz. Awakened, yet he did that?

  3. mommacathy1 |

    rest in peace Michael…for u will c the day when all the ugly that was in your life be put to judgement AND CAST TO HELL …MAY YOU BE IN HEAVEN …..

  4. Filmation Nation |

    Er… that glove in Metropolis is to protect the scientist from the electricity he’s working with, when he flicks that switch… have you even bothered to read the script before jumping to these crazy conclusions? man…

  5. Filmation Nation |

    now yo know how we feel about your video.

  6. DaBossOfDaGame |

    just because a cd drops, dosen’t make the time in which he promoted it an era. plus How can Elvis become the King of Rock and Roll by himself but MJ needed Joe to beat him, His skin to fail, his nose to break, and the devil’s help to become the King of Pop? Or maybe the devil is just like those people who want nothing to do with you until you have money. I Produce and Rap and I been trying my hardest to find the illuminati so I too can be a King too. I guess i aint good enough for satan either.

  7. DaBossOfDaGame |

    Well at least the devil’s not racist. He didn’t leave the blacks out of his evil agenda. Either that or we are more naturally worse than other races, there are more black entertainers who got famous from the devil than others, or (My personal favorite) There is no fucking Devil, Jesus, or any other religious entity and the people who know this (Illuminati) planted or allowed this Satan bullshit to distort their true intentions…. which I believe is World Domination, Mass Genocide, and Slavery.

  8. “Project: Soul Catcher” — is a book on Psychotronic Weapons. This book spells out this covert electronic harassment and gives you a whistleblower inside report from a consortium of scientists that worked on the inside of the program on the CIA and with the Dept. of Defense.
    Hubpages.com has an article called “Chemtrails: The ‘Shocking’ Truth” which gives extensive videos on this topic.
    This information could save a targeted individual’s life. Check it out.

  9. YEP YEP 

  10. Modonna actually is involved in a religion connected to Satanism!!This is fact!

  11. packleader1215 |

    I caught on to Kanye West, Snoop Dogg, T.I., Lil Wayne wearing their dark black shades. It was clear after seeing the movie “They Live”

  12. MrJapaneselesbianbus |

    hey you pretentious conspiracy snob
    the illuminati do not exist.
    that is a fact. a proveable and absolutely legitimate fact.
    youtube videos distort the truth. make the illuminati a negative entity, force excessive talk and focus about them.
    oh distraction is just sports and celebrities is it?
    your a fucking moron.

  13. striker3231 |

    You don’t seem to understand- the illuminati and the government are connected, as a matter of fact, the illuminati literally OWNS the government. It’s not a government distraction..government distractions are sports, celebrities, and excessive talk and focus about them. Illuminati is real- illuminati is just a name given- it’s a group of super rich people that own america. Who do you think killed president JFK? Who do you think gives Obama orders? if a president can be killed what does that say?

  14. MrJapaneselesbianbus |

    loool oh yeah they’re out there conducting “wars around the world and all kinds of other things”
    o.k. valid point. but maybe just maybe you could life your limited perspective for one second and consider the idea that the illuminati are just yet ANOTHER government project
    used to distract even the people searching for the truth.
    its not the illuminati mate. its the government that has you confused and distracted.

  15. striker3231 |

    “if the illuminati are so powerful why don’t they censor these videos?”- They are busy with wars around the world and all kinds of other things, they can’t watch everybody on youtube. And for your information they started doing just that. ever heard of PIPA and SOPA? It was a bill they tried to get pass like months ago to regulate what people can say on the internet, it didn’t passed because of protests- they just introduced a new one thats being reviewed by the government, go read about it

  16. lol……LOL…….LOL

  17. MrJapaneselesbianbus |

    think about it
    if the illuminati are so powerful and have this amazing powerbase that spans the entire globe
    then why do they not censor these videos?
    yeah, apparently it would prove that they exist
    or maybe they don’t actually exist.
    maybe the government have you distracted to think a secret society is running the show
    when in reality they use the same fear mongering tactics that they use when
    showing the news.
    the illuminati are scapegoats. fuck the system

  18. KriZzmjFaN19 |

    butterfly the sign of being controlled by ”illuminati”.

  19. KriZzmjFaN19 |

    ”I’m scared” maybe about the past between his father abusing him when he was a child.

  20. KriZzmjFaN19 |

    Billie jean is not the devil…. it means magic, the mystery of the story behind who is that woman (billie jean)

  21. I love Prince he’s a cool dude and nonjudgemental  I can tell he liked Michael Jackson.

  22. did Prince become a jehovah witness (can’t spell it) to avoid the illuminati? he seems to be the only big star not involved in that shit, was he involved during the 80s I wonder… Madonna certainly sold her old wrinkly ass to the devil

  23. C0NTR4l34ND |


  24. C0NTR4l34ND |

    Research it more. It does sound pretty crazy when you first look into it, but remember that every graphic, every movement, every set design, is formed from an idea. Every set is built from scratch, and everything you see has a meaning. There’s nothing random about it.
    Whether musicians are ‘too stupid’ or not isn’t the issue if they’ve been controlled (MK Ultra programming).

  25. C0NTR4l34ND |

    Ya, I agree, it’s really distracting and takes away credibility when you use the word “sepurrated.” All the same though, I think there’s something here, always have thought so.

  26. anisia marie |

    he was a pawn that got away. He started exposing them and they couldnt have that so they killed him.

  27. mu96afaadil |

    allah akbar


  29. AZcristian623 |

    where is the evidence for all these accusations?!

  30. ergo197320031 |

    mk ultra resulted in the 60s drug hippie resolution, it worked for a while

  31. I’m tired of that when something is wrong in the world, well the Illuminati did it or had something to do with it. Come on people, the Illumunati is not that powerfull ( they think they are, but it is all in our own minds)!! Dan Brown made some good books but it was fiction with some historical background, not more not less! I don’t say that the Illuminati doesn’t exsist but those secret groups are not the real power behind all things that are going bad!

  32. “I believe in the Bible and I try to follow the Bible. I know I’m an imperfect person… I’m not an angel & I’m not a devil either ” ~ MJ

  33. ashleysuperfreak |

    Why do you honestly think it’s alright to speculate about Michael Jackson being a devil worshiper when he constantly humbled himself before God an professed his faith in God and the teachings of the Bible??

    Somebody who spread positivity?? Who -ACTUALLY- helped millions of people all over the world??

    Where do you see “devil worshiping” in this??

    Do you think all of this is fair to Michael and his family — what if you’re wrong, and Michael was just trying to do good??

    Please remove the vid.

  34. While I have no doubt he was a ‘good person’,I also heard one actor who was MJ childhood companion,that MJ would no longer have anything to do with ‘them’,once they grew up.He would no longer call,nor socialize with them.It was as if they didn’t exist.So please see him as the ‘human being with flaws,and short comings’ as the rest of us.

  35. Freedomgirlism |

    micahel is not a angel morons

  36. lukeyboy123able |

    Thanks for posting this. But that morbid music is far too loud and intense. It detracts from the story. I know it’s not your fault, but its really offputting. It would be a great doco otherweise.

  37. This man was like the Prince of Satanism!
    Satan will portray himself as an innocent, peace-loving, angel when in fact deep down he’s merciless, blood thirsty, vicious, evil, monstrous, misotheistic! If you think Hitler was evil, he’s peanuts compared to what Satan is.
    MJ was everything Satan is, good in the outside, evil in the inside!

  38. benekatalin |

    Isnt true what u saying there at all!!!! who knows Michael fans family friends they know he was gifted by God he was the chosen one.He hated iluminatti bec they wanted to capture him as well like they did with many artist and most of them who fail it to join them the good ones they strangely died.Iluminatti never liked black people thats a lie again.Thats why he was the biggest artist of all time bec .he had so much love in his heart and thats comes from God.He had talent from God Love himxxx

  39. falloutseriesftw |

    i wonder if he really did mullest children, cuz that DEFINATELY is not Godly.

  40. I really wish you would narrate this. I appreciate the work that was put into this, but I am a multi-tasker and need to be able to do more than one thing. Are all 9 parts like this? Thanx!

  41. pendejadafcc |

    Can’t you make the text faster??? We don’t have time to observe every letter you know….How can you idiots publish a video and not see the pretentious flaws? It completely disregards your whole video.. horse

  42. MrMjhealtheworld |

    Somewhere to start of how much MJ exposed all of them, check the cover of Dangerous, check the cover of Blood on the Dancefloor check History past present and future! In the song dangerous and blood on the dancefloor Michael of course sings about a FEMALE but in truth its an encrypted  message its worth looking up the lyrics to some of his songs and you will see how outspoken Michael was about the Secret Societies. Michael Jackson was one of the smartest people there will ever be make no mistake

  43. MrMjhealtheworld |

    chose “THEIR WAY” and killed him. Thats the sad reality and nothing else. He was here for us, gave us his unconditional LOVE, even through his worst times, yet we wanted blood. So when you talk about MIND CONTROLL – START WITH THE GENERAL PUBLIC, Start with the once that clang on to every evil word from the RUPERT MURDOCH POSSE WHO IS CHIEF ON THE LADDER OF THE MASONIC CULT/ILLUMINATI!

  44. MrMjhealtheworld |

    no money to be made amongst the “Mind Controlling” Societies Elites, the Masonic Freemasons or the Illuminati. So after his enormous worldwide success after the Thriller album, literally overnight the talk started, he became a Freak, a Weirdo, a Homosexual and a Childmolester. All in a short span of time and the MIND CONTROLLED TABLOID AND MEDIA FOLLOWERS ATE IT ALL UP! MJ was a natural Genius from birth, a Man different from the corrupt human race in these days, he showed us the way but we

  45. MrMjhealtheworld |

    and Michael did not “fall apart” (lol showing a typical tabloid pic) he woke up from your so called “MIND CONTROLL” (LOL) and wanted no part of it!!!! It is so evident in the change of his songs, his lyrics, his gestures, his dance moves his hand signs, people never studied that, but they are there rest assured and thats when shit started to hit the fan, Michael had gained too much power for them, Michael send out messages to the world his aim was PEACE! If Peace existed worldwide there would

  46. Please save your Christianity “Jesus is the Only Way” Bullshit, a person does not need to be “saved”, its all hogwash.

  47. Hi.I would like to know: how do we know MJs Dad’s beatings was not just an example of traditional parenting that crossed the line and went over into abuse? Lots of us have been physically punished by parents but that doesnt mean they were affiliated to the Illuminati.2nd:if such trauma inducing techniques are used- terrible violence, abuse, how do those perpetrating it know the person they are programming will be able to recover + cope enough to be prepared to carry out their commands when askd?

  48. please do not make videos with captions that are so slowly displayed, it’s long and boring. You want to capture the watchers attention not kill it.

  49. I would watch the series all the way through but the videos take to long due to slow ass typing. 10 words a minute what the fuck man.

  50. MJ is saying by his own admission that he was abused. And I just mean violent physical abuse. I’m willing to just take him at his word. When a grown man is asked about being punished and holds his hand up to shield himself, this is obviously someone traumatized. His behavior as an adult was NOT normal. He was affected (and I mean affected, not effected) by all of this. It’s just very sad.

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