Mind Control and Hypnosis and the Delta State

Mind Control and Hypnosis and the Delta State

The Delta state is when someone is totally out of consciousness as in a coma state. In this state brain activity ranges from 0 to 4. This is when people are called almost brain dead or a vegetable because of such little activity.

Mind control and hypnosis occur in the Alpha state. Self hypnosis can also be induced while a person is in the Alpha brain wave state. It is at this state that one’s mind set can be changed. The subconscious is open to suggestion. It is recommended that if one is aware when they are in the alpha state to make use of it with positive affirmations and visualization to achieve what they want in their lives. When in the Alpha state if one visualizes their desires as if they are real it is possible that this is how we manifest them in reality.

This is because the subconscious mind propels our conscious efforts. For this reason some people mediate and use positive mantras as a reinforcement of their desires. The main reason why this works is because the subconscious mind believes what it is told in the alpha state to be true. It is because of this reason hypnotists and those that use mind control state their demands in the present. The subconscious thinks in the here and now. It is also true that the subconscious mind does not register words like “will” and things of that nature because they are of an undefined futuristic nature. “Will” is never happening its conjecture.

When people are programmed either through self hypnosis, mind control or hypnosis, the wording to the target is crucial. What the programmer directs through his word must be clear, stating what is wanted and looked at from every aspect before the directive is planted. Not to do so can mean things can go wrong.

The more intense the target or the person experiences a visualization; the stronger the mind output will occur when the person is fully conscious. This is because the subconscious plants the action for the conscious state. When a person output is strong they are more apt to succeed with what they have in their subconscious.

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