Devices Used for Hypnosis and Mind Control

Devices Used for Hypnosis and Mind Control

Another device that is used on susceptible people that are targeted for mind control are subliminal commands. These are things that are used to stimulate the subconscious. Sounds, words, even pictures can be used to invoke a calculated response from the victim at the expense of the victim. For instance they agent may use a bird sound or bell at various intervals to invoke certain reactions subconsciously on the victim. Another example of this would be a group who uses remote computer hacking to victimize their targets.

They may use certain pictures as pop ups to trigger certain emotional responses on a regular bases in the victim. This is done in order to help expedite the desired mind control set they wish to establish on the victim. They may also filter in sound and words while the person is sleeping to affect the desired results. They may use lights to flash through the person windows while they are sleeping or even use radiation and sound waves to affect subconscious changes.

These are all forms of subliminal and subconscious control likened to hypnosis. Hypnosis is an attempt to put a person whether awake or not in an unconscious mind state in order to control them. Hypnosis is produced in a person through what is referred to as a subliminal command. Many times a person may not even know they are being hypnotized.

Hypnosis puts the person in a relaxed state and then introduces suggestions to the victim’s subconscious. Upon coming out of the hypnotic state the person will have the suggestion in their memory stored subconsciously. What happens is when a trigger is encountered the person will respond in kind based on the information that is related to that trigger.


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